Massage Therapy

Narelle is a passionate and qualified massage therapist, offering Pregnancy & Postnatal massage.

Massage is essential to maintaining wellbeing. It provides relief to stress and muscle tension, increases circulation and lymphatic flow, aids digestion and insomnia as well as encouraging the body to have a balanced range of movement.

Types of massage available:
  • Remedial, Therapeutic
  • Pregnancy and Post-natal massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Hot Stones
  • Ear Candling and Reiki
Benefits of prenatal, labour and postnatal massage include:

  • Holistic - it treats areas of the body that present problems, also affecting the whole body to restore an overall feeling of wellbeing.
  • Beneficial for prenatal, labour and postnatal women in reducing pain in the back and neck caused by muscle weakness and imbalances and subsequent change in posture. For postnatal mothers it can help relieve neck and shoulder tension that can build up from breast feeding and carrying the baby.
  • Relief from muscular and connective tissue tension and repetitive strain.
  • Improved circulation and reduction of oedema.
  • Helpful for people who are fatigued or have sleeping problems.
  • Beneficial for people who exercise and don’t stretch enough. Therefore it helps to prevent injuries.

For bookings please phone Narelle 0412 307 995 or Book Online Here

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