What is Osteopathy

Your initial appointment at bulb will involve...

History: A detailed case history will be taken of the current complaint, as well as a history of past and current medical conditions. Also a number of questions will be asked about your different body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory etc.) to determine how efficiently these systems are functioning, as well as whether or not they are contributing to the current complaint. For newborns or infants, questioning will also cover the pregnancy, labour, whether the child is breast fed or bottle fed, bowel habits etc. If you are pregnant, additional questions regarding previous pregnancies (if relevant) will be asked.

Assessment: Once the case history is obtained, you will be asked to undress down to underwear. There is an initial observation for symmetry, tone, colour changes and posture. Then neurological, orthopaedic, palpation and motion testing are assessed as indicated.

Diagnosis: A diagnosis is made based on the findings from the case history and the assessment. You will have an opportunity to discuss the diagnosis, probable causative factors and prognosis for recovery at this stage. Further investigations may be necessary to confirm or exclude certain diagnoses eg. x-ray (contraindicated in pregnant women, of course).

Treatment: With informed consent, treatment may consist of one or more of the following techniques: 'hands on' techniques such as soft tissue massage, passive range of motion and gentle indirect 'slow release' techniques that are especially suitable for infants and children.

It is most likely that you will require more than one treatment to achieve an optimal outcome. Subsequent treatments involve reassessment and treatment.

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