Life Coaching

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Think about life coaching like having a personal trainer but instead of just focusing on your fitness we focus on all areas of your life: discovering who you are and what you want, helping you set meaningful goals, make progress, stay on track and motivate you in a gentle (not boot camp) way.


Anyone who is motivated to change and to do what it takes for change to take place. You don’t need to face a crisis to benefit from seeing a Life Coach. The desire to reach your full potential is all that’s required to embark on a truly transformative journey with coaching.


I offer a deep dive program for people committed to personal development and change. It includes two phases:

  • 1 month deep dive: $1,250

  • Follow up: $650 per month

If you’re still unsure whether Life Coaching is for you, check out this article on my website:







The best way to know if we can work together is to meet each other and unpack your specific needs. I offer a free 60min discovery session during which we’ll discuss what you want to achieve in your life right now and see if we’re the right fit for each other. You can ask me any burning questions you have about coaching or the other tools I have in my toolkit to help improve your health and wellbeing. 

Start with a free discovery session