Bulb Fertility+ programme

Improve your health and increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. 
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We created our very own holistic preconception care programme to assess and adjust your health and wellbeing and create optimal conditions for a healthy conception.

This programme will not only benefit your fertility, it has the potential to impact your overall health, with benefits lasting well beyond this phase of your life.

The ideal period of time to get your body ready for pregnancy is at least 3 months. This is the time it takes for sperm and eggs to develop and mature and for you to get the benefits of all the health and lifestyle adjustments you will be making during this time. to have the best quality of egg and sperm.

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Couples who want to enhance their health and wellbeing in order to increase their chances of a healthy conception, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


"It takes two to tango" as the saying goes and we believe it is important to address both the male and female partners' fertility and overall health to get the best outcomes.

Solo Mother can of course join the programme and we will give her the best care and support she needs to achieve her goal.


Whether you’re starting to think about having a baby or you have been trying for a little while  or thinking of IVF, this programme will help you explore your wellbeing holistically so you can address the health and lifestyle factors that may be affecting your fertility and make appropriate changes to feel at your best now and in the future.

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Bulb Fertility+ is a holistic mind/body preconception care programme with two different options designed to suit your specific journey:

Natural conception: for couples who have just started their journey to conceive or have already been trying for a while and want to use this programme to thoroughly assess their wellbeing and reset their physical and emotional health.

Medically assisted conception: for couples who are choosing IVF or other methods or solo mother and who want to be supported during their journey by a team of holistic practitioners who will be working alongside their primary care providers to increase their chances of success.


During the programme, you will be accompanied by a team of practitioners across the following disciplines:

        Naturopathy, Osteopathy,                Acupuncture and Life Coaching

for optimal preconception care.

A multi-disciplinary programme
tailored to your needs
Our programme is tailored to your needs. It provides you with the structure, guidance and motivation you need to make some important physical, emotional and lifestyle changes in order to be the most fertile version of you, no matter which stage of the conception journey you're at!
You get the benefit of being cared for by a team of professional who will all be across your specific situation. We're keeping records of each of your visits centrally so practitioners can, together, review and discuss your progress along the way and make recommendations that are congruent and complementary.  
The disciplines that are part of the preconception care programme:
Naturopathy is the practice of looking at the body as a whole, identifying nutrient deficiencies that impact fertility, pregnancy and healthy development of baby. Our naturopath will use a range of modalities, nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy in order to enhance and support your fertility.
Osteopathy for preconception will help you release any tension that may negatively impact your health and fertility. Our osteopath will provide treatments to improve your blood flow, your nervous system and the mechanical tensions around your pelvis and the main hormonal glands linked to your fertility system.
Traditional Chinese Medicine employs a unique and holistic system to search for health imbalances which may hinder fertility. Our acupuncturist will provide acupuncture treatments aimed at restoring balance between all organs and energy systems in the body, supporting healthy menstrual cycles and ovulation, as well as supporting your body's natural detoxification pathways.
Coaching sessions will equip you with the tools you need to successfully navigate your fertility journey emotionally, mentally and physically. Our life coach and wellbeing consultant will support you in maintaining a positive mindset and help you address any insecurities or fears related to fertility and conception. She will help you address practical aspects such as stress management and strategies to lower your exposure to environmental toxins which may affect your physical health and your ability to conceive.
The Bulb Fertility+ Programme includes

  • A detailed health assessment questionnaire including a review of current and past diet and lifestyle choices for you and your partner.

  • Monthly treatments and ongoing email and phone support: Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Life Coaching.

  • Individually prescribed fertility focused resources including nutritional supplementation, dietary advice, exercises and mindfulness tools amongst others, to support your unique journey.

  • An in-depth educational booklet to read through in your own time with information covering wellbeing and lifestyle (stress management, sleep, environmental toxins and more) as well as insights on how to understand and work with your cycle and your body’s own fertile signs.

  • A closing appointment at the end of your programme to review your overall progress and discuss possible next steps.

Programme schedule
Your monthly schedule will be determined by your unique situation.
Depending on where you're at on your fertility journey, and whether you have chosen to
conceive naturally or you are going through medically assisted conception, we will assess and adjust
your programme so it fits your needs of the moment.
Contact us below for more detailed information
(please include a brief description of your current situation)

"My partner and I learned a lot during this programme. We got a better appreciation of what we were putting into our bodies and why it mattered. This includes both eating and hygiene products. It also got us to think deeply about why we were embarking on this journey of having a baby and challenging pre-conceived ideas."

"I’m really happy with this programme. I think the practitioners work really well together and it was easy to talk to them all. I’m less stressed, I feel better in my body and I understand it better. I managed to change my routines to make them more supportive as I try to conceive. The extra resources provided are extremely useful and easy to implement."