Mama Rising Circles

A journey within to reconnect to your essence

as a woman and as a mother. 

Do you feel different since you’ve become a mother? Do you feel like you’re not exactly who you used to be but still unsure about who you are becoming? Do you feel torn between the life you want to live and the mother you think you should be? 


The Mama Rising Circles will help you explore who you are now you are a mama – no matter how long ago you first became a mama – and understand that you are in the middle of a huge transformation of identity


This shift in identity that a woman goes through when she becomes a mother is called Matrescence. This article HERE explains what it is and why it matters. 

The Mama Rising Circles will help you:


~ be more kind and compassionate - towards yourself and your family
~ understand why you feel so differently about your work, your relationship, your friendships
~ forgive yourself for all the things you're not getting 'right'
~ support yourself no matter what stage of motherhood you're in
~ actually enjoy this time in your life, without the guilt and self-judgement
Who is it for?
  • Mothers at any stage of their motherhood journeys: newborn mums, mums of grown-ups, mums of one or mum of many.

  • Mothers who are experiencing or have experienced perinatal mood challenges.

  • Mothers who want to reconnect with the wise woman within, learn about themselves and unleash their potential. 

The journey includes
  • Weekly two-hour women circles over 4 weeks where you will progress, alongside like-minded mamas, through a series of steps to help you reset and reconnect, share and learn from each other in a safe and caring environment (there will be a maximum of 6 women per circle). 

  • A mixture of guided reflections supported by worksheets, meditations and discussions to help you discover the new you that is arising through your motherhood journey.

  • Recommendations for additional resources, books and materials to deepen your understanding and enrich your journey.

  • Email support as required throughout the 4 weeks.

Your facilitator

Elise Clement is a Life Coach and Wellbeing Consultant dedicated to helping women harness the power of life transitions and navigate them with confidence. 

Elise received her coach accreditation from the Human Potential Institute. She is an accredited Mama Rising Facilitator, taking women through the method developed by Amy Taylor Kabbaz to spread the word of Matrescence far and wide. She also has a diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and studied Functional Nutrition.

Most importantly, Elise has direct experience navigating life’s transitions: she worked in corporate for over 12 years before changing career and is the grateful mum of a little girl who is one of her wisest teachers!

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 Schedule and Price
 All circles are held at Bulb in Clovelly.
We will soon release dates for the next circles!
When you attend these circles, you'll be taken on a journey - it is recommended that you commit to attending all four of them in order to make the most of this experience. 
There is no part payment or refund available if you're not able to attend one of the circles.
For more information, contact Elise:
Image by Dakota Corbin

"When a child is born, so is a mother."

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Rediscover yourself

Over a period of 4 weeks, we will explore how this transformation is manifesting in your life and how to start piecing yourself back together again. 

“Understanding what Matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being handed a map. Once you've got the map, the journey gets easier... and really, really exciting. Because it’s the making of you.”

Amy Taylor Kabbaz

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